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Search Engine Marketing(SEM) or Pay Per Click(PPC) is one of the most effective and fastest way to generate high quality leads and online visibility by acquiring the top most position of the search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, Baidu, Yandex etc. Besides this is the best way to gain your new audience in the preferred specific location. Interest targeting, ad scheduling, efficient bidding are the pillars for building a smart ads campaign which can get you high results in selected budget.

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We are a Leading PPC Brand providing you with the best possible solution for all your Pay Per Click Marketing Requirements. At DigiEgg, we have Experts who have been marketing with various types PPC Ads such as search ads, display ads, video ads, application marketing app and various other types of ads for a long time now. With the help of our experienced PPC Experts we are the leading PPC company in the market. Our PPC Experts believe in learning and adding more and more knowledge each and everyday gained from practical experience which keeps them updated with all the updates in the algorithms of the search engine. Our team does not let the Advertisement go live without doing the deep analysis of the given niche in the market as we work on the agenda to make your every single penny worth spending on the ads by helping you get high ROI(Returns on Investment). We highly optimize your ads by tracking all the major determining factors such as location, device and timing.

Customized Ads for your Customized Requirement

SERP Ads or Text Ads

These are one of the prominent ads type for those who are targeting for selling services or products. On a search engine there are 10 organic Results and apart from them there can be maximum 7 ads that can be listed wither in a format of 3 at top most position of the page and 4 at the bottom position of the page or can be vice- versa. Probability of the conversion is high in these types of ads.

Call Only Ads

These are the types of ads for the businesses who are looking forward to get more number of call rather than showcasing a product/service on a website. These ads are more likely suitable for a cab booking, pizza delivery, toll free calling numbers for a business and for many other industry. This ad type primary focus is to land more lead calls for the business. This type of ads are very efficient in order to receive more prospect calls.

App Download Ads

These type of ads are the best for the business who are looking forward to promote their business app in the market to provide more better and quicker experience. These type of ads are only mobile friendly and are major focused in the app store. This increases the app promotion and the audience can be targeted worldwide. 

Shopping Ads

Shopping ads or also know as Product Listing Ads(PLA). These are the type of ads which are best suitable for product based e-commerce businesses. In this, business gets to showcase their ads with the:

  1. Image of the product.
  2.  Product name and title.
  3. Price option.

Video Ads

In-Stream Ads
In this your Video Ads in been advertised within an other interest targeted video.
Discovery Ads
These are the the types of ads which appear on the right corner in the upcoming video suggestions.

Display/Banner Ads

These are the type of ads which are in the form of banners and these ads are generally displayed on the Search engine partner sites. These types of ads increase your visibility chances to a bigger audience. The average cost of this ad is lesser as compared to the text ads.

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Our Working Strategy as PPC Experts

Our Working Strategy as PPC Experts

Clients Suggestion

Our First Most Priority is Understanding Clients Way of Selling because as being a digital marketing expert we are dealing with numerous industries. So, instead of just starting with our own process we first pen down our clients way of selling history to understand the pattern. After understanding your way of selling, we then modify it with our advance techniques.

Research and Analysis

This is the most important part of the process because in this process we study the market deeply about the niche. Following which we trackdown the the competitors progess and the short coming. By utilizing these progress and short coming we then finalize on the keywors that we would like to work on in order to get enhanced conversion oriented results.

Setting Up Ads

After the keywords are finalized we then move forward on selecting the best suitable type of ads for the keywords. After the ads type is finalized then we set up the ads. In this process ad- groups and ad-copies are build and customized as per requirement to enhance the quality score for better results and to maintain high relevancy .

Optimization and Approval

In this step we optimise the ads account which are setup in the previous step. Optimizing is modifying the ad according to get high(ROI) or Return On Investment in a given budget. After optimizing in finally we then send the ads to the client for approval. Once the ads are approved by the client’s end, we set up the ads online.


In this step we generate reports after every certain period of time in order to track the the changes in the sale ratio because without the proper tracking we cannot observe the increase of sales we have received. This is the most important step to understand the shortcoming of the ad campaign if any or we can use these reports to make the ads campaign highly profitable.

Frequently Asked Questions

Pay Per Click is a online marketing structure with the help of which we can bring more potential customer to our website at a certain fee which is applicable on each visit and this visit cost is dependent on various factor such as bidding, niche, target location etc.

The selection of the ads budget is dependent on how much you want to expand your business. At Digiegg Marketing Agency, we help you understand the what are different budgets you can go with and how it works. But initially budget should be optimal in order to experience the performance of the sales in order to plan big.

  1. Search Ads
  2. Display Ads
  3. Call Only Ads
  4. Application Marketing Ads
  5. Shopping Ads
  6. Re-Marketing Ads
  7. Video Ads
  1. Search Engine Result Page.
  2. Search Engine Partner Sites.

Working of PPC Advertisement depends upon the various factor and it vary on the platform and the type of ads your are running. The two majour pillar on which ppc ads work are:

  • Ads Budget
  • Quality Score

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Lets Discuss over a Coffee?