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All we all know Social Media Marketing is one of the best ways to ensure your brand’s powerful presence on the internet in the 21st century. Social Media Platform helps the brand reach its consumer in an interactive way, building a vital bond between the brand and the consumer. Social Media Platforms help a brand build its unforgettable image in its potential consumers which in turn increases the possibility of interaction between the consumer and the brand. These Platforms give the brand an opportunity to reach its potential consumer with New Launched Products in a cost-effective Budget. Over time, Brands starts getting recognition among the interested audience which automatically gains its consumer’s trust.

Social Media Optimization

  • In Depth Social Media Business Account Audit of Client and Competitor.
  • Customised Contingency Plan – As Per Audit
  • Setting Up a Successful Content Calender.
  • Setting Up of a Plan B Content Calender.
  • Scheduling Post According to Market Statistics.
  • Emphasis on User Engagement and Behavior.
  • Real-time Interaction with Consumers.
  • Monitoring and Reporting

Social Media Marketing

  • Similar Niche Market Research.
  • Identifying Target Audience.
  • Setting up Campaign Goals & Objective
  • Building up high resolution Info graphics.
  • Setting up Specific Ad Sets.
  • Scheduling the Ads as per Engagement and Budget.
  • Measuring the Results Regularly on Set Intervals.

"If Your Brand Understands Your Audience,
Audience Will Understand Your Brand


Build Online Presence

We help you build strong online presence, as in this competitive world just being online is not sufficient. In order to grow and acquire more and more leads one needs to have strong online presence which can be maintained by being consistent and active the whole time.


Brand Awareness

Brand awareness is the very initial step that one should follow to acquire a good market value. We help you spread brand awareness by both organic and paid means with the help of our SMO/SMM services. This helps in creating an unforgettable impression in your audience’s mind.


Inbound Traffic

We don’t just help you build traffic because just random traffic is as useless as dummy traffic. We help your account build an interactive audience which can further help you map prospect out of your potential audience. We suggest strategies which creates high reach with the potential audience.


Customer Reliability

Brand Recognition  has always been considered as the best approach to stand out in your niche market. Since a consumer in search of product or service always prefer a recognized brand. So our prime focus is always offering brand reliability to your business.


Customer Engagement

Engagement is one of the major pillar which is highly capable of turning a user into a prospect. So we make sure that as per changing algorithm we  keep your content updated in order to build more and more unique connection which could help in building high engagement.


Lead Generation

We understand that apart from the brand awareness, what a brand actually need for running is revenue. So we help out the brand generate high quality leads with the paid and organic means of marketing on social media platforms.

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Conquer Social Media With The Best Action Plan

At DigiEgg, we offer you a wide variety of Social Media Optimization and Marketing Services with the help of which you can conquer your niche area on all the social media platforms leaving your competitor all the way back. Our prime objective is to help your brand acquire the whole social media platforms like a viral Brand. As being in the 21st Century, we understand that social media platforms have acquired almost 66% of the total market sale percentage. Which obviously is a huge part and therefore in order to make this conversion fall on your side of the brand we offer you with all type of Social Media Optimisation and Marketing Services. So that that you don’t miss even a single client in the whole market.

We use SMART Posting Agenda to generate Real Results for the Clients Business instead of just committing Reel Results.

S – Specific
M – Measurable
A – Attainable
R – Relevant
T – Time Frame

Frequently Asked Questions

Social Media Optimisation as an organic way of increasing potential visitors on social media platform profile.
Social Media Marketing is a paid way of increasing potential visitoron a social media platform profile.

In these days prescene on all social media platform is important as it helps your audience build trust with your brand. The Biggest benifit is that you can build any social media platform business account im-matter you own a website or not.

  • Strong Web Prescence
  • Trust Factor
  • Better Connectivity with Audience
  • Works as Online Showroom
  • Easiest Path to Enter Audience Social Circle

Well there is no fullspot to a budget that you should add to your budget but yes of-course in order to began you should always invest minimal amount to track the sales percentage. Its hard to writeout a minimum figure because it varries from business to business.

Posting Atleast once in every two days is recommended to draw your target audience. Everyday new audience gets added on social media platform so its very important to showcase your brand.

Lets Discuss over a Coffee?

Lets Discuss over a Coffee?